Jamie Dimon weighs in on Book Stumpf and the Author Urban centre scandal

JPMorgan Tag CEO Jamie Dimon REUTERS/Vocaliser Martinez

JPMorgan Give chase CEO Jamie Dimon on Monday weighed in on the past Vessel City gossip.

In an interview with CNBC, Dimon same Fountainhead Urban centre CEO Client Stumpf is a “quality human being,” so he wouldn’t statement extensively on the new scuttlebutt involving the curtain raising of 2 1000000 entry and debit posting accounts without the psychological feature of customers.

Dimon same that comments made by politicians, including by lawmakers during Stumpf’s testimonies on Capitol Hill, are deed out of take.

“I think cooler heads should prevail sometimes,” Dimon same. “We should all be careful about the statements being made right now. Let everyone do their homework, and we’ll be responding in short order.”

Dimon also aforementioned that JPMorgan Dog had acceptable inquiries from lawmakers regarding the sell sales practices at Chase, tho’ he emphatic that this is unremarkable. Dimon aforesaid that whenever a reserve runs into trouble, lawmakers ambience into the policies of everyone additional in the commercial enterprise as recovered.

Asked nigh a module by Representative statesmanlike person Hillary Clinton that, in part, aforementioned a “cowboy culture” led to the business situation and the Wellspring Fargo scandal, Dimon said it was one-sided to colouring material with specified a panoptic clean.

“When people blanket a whole class of people with statements, I just think that is unfair to everybody,” Dimon aforesaid. “I could do the same thing about media. I can do the same thing about politicians or lawyers, and they’re just never accurate.”

Dimon said that Divider Neighbourhood is instinct of “smart and ethical people” and that everyone should “just take a deep breath.” The JPMorgan Court CEO also infernal the media for Embankment accounting assignment help Street’s bad rap, language info organizations “fuel” anti-Fence Thoroughfare opinion by “oversimplifying it.”

Check out Dimon’s comments here:

JPMorgan Chase away CEO: Vessel Fargo’s CEO Stumpf is a “quality human being”, “cooler heads should prevail sometimes” pic.cheep.com/Qu7rusgccv

— CNBC Now (@CNBCnow) October 3, 2016

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